Friday, October 3, 2008

Money Matters!

In our unit Coins, Coupons, Combinations, we are moving into using coupons to equal amounts of money. This can be a tricky concept for some, as students commonly confuse nickels and dimes when first working with money.

What should your child know about money this year?
-to recognize the value of coins by picture and by name (example- know what a dime looks like and what is is worth as well as knowing the word "dime.")
-to count values of money (example - if your child has a small handful of coins, he/she should be able to tell you how much money is in the pile. We typically only use values up to $1.00 at this time of the school year.)
-to tell you how much change students will get back when purchasing something for less than $1.00. (example- I have $.75 and I want to purchase something for $.25. How much change will I receive?)

How can class activities be reinforced at home?
This is a great activity to work on with your child at home. Have your child help you clip coupons from the paper (or even from sites on the net that have coupons to use). Gather change from around your house and have your child decide how many of each coin will be needed to equal the amount on the coupon. Have your child count the amount of money and practice writing it as well. 
Check out some of these other great coin games:

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