Monday, January 26, 2009

Getting Familiar with 100

As we approach the 100th day of school, (WOW! Already?) we like to do lots of fun activities in class relating to the number 100. We bring in collections of 100 things (like 100 hair clips in our hair, 100 buttons on our shirt, 100 lollipops to share with our friends) and make it our class goal to do 100 nice things before the day is out. The most important thing we do on the 100th day of school, however is work with the number 100. Here are some great games you can play with your child to help increase number sense and strategies in working with 100:

1. Guess My Number on the 100s Chart. In this game, one person thinks of a number. The other person tries to guess the number by asking yes/no questions to eliminate as many numbers as he or she can. When a number is eliminated, it is crossed off of the 100 chart. (For example, questions to ask might include: Is your number even? Is your number greater than 50?)

2. Get to 100. This game requires a 100s chart, game pieces, and a die or playing cards with face cards removed. (Uno cards also work great for this game.)  Players take turns rolling the die and moving forward that many spaces on the 100s chart. The winner must land exactly on the number 100. 

3. Splat is an interactive, blank 100s chart. Any number of games can be created and played with it. When choosing a square, you can "splat" it with one of several different color choices, making the number appear beneath the splat. 

4. Get to $1.00. Players need a die, coins, and a dollar bill. Players take turns rolling the die and putting that amount of money in their "piggy bank." The object of the game is to always have the least number of coins in the piggy bank and to ultimately reach $1.00. (So if you have 5 pennies, you would want to trade them for 1 nickel, etc.) 

Check out this video clip for samples of students playing Get to $1.00, Spend $1.00, Beat the Calculator,  Get to 100, and Guess My Number on the 100s chart. 

What is your favorite 100 game?

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