Saturday, September 29, 2007

Place Value

As part of our Calendar Math every morning, we review place value. We review it by creating groups of tens and ones for the amount of days that we have been in school. Place value is a very in-depth concept that students began learning in kindergarten and first grade. In order to fully understand the addition and subtraction strategies we will be starting soon, students should have a complete grasp of the concept of place value.
Simply put, place value is the value of where the digit is in the number. In second grade, we do not venture farther than the hundreds place often. Here is an example of what students should be able to explain:

-The number can be written as one hundred twenty-four.

-The number can be written as 100 + 20 + 4

-The 1 is in the hundreds place. This means that there is 1 group of 100 in this number. One group of 100 looks like this:
-The 2 is in the tens place. This means there are 2 groups of 10 in this number. Two groups of 10 looks like this:

-The 4 is in the ones place. This means there are 4 ones in this number. Four ones look like this:
- The entire number 124 can be represented as:

Great Place Value Practice Games:

**My favorite!!** Place Value Golf

Dino Place Value Game

Shark Place Value Game

Introduction to Place Value Movie:

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