Monday, September 24, 2007

Using an Open Number Line in "Single Hops"

An open number line is another strategy that students have learned to use. In this strategy, students are recreating only the part of the number line that is useful to them to solve the problem they are working on. We begin by taking single "hops" on the number line. Students will eventually "hop" in groups of 10 or to landmark numbers.

Sample problem: 12 + 10 = ___

1. First, begin the open number line by starting with one of the numbers (usually the higher number) from the equation.

2. Next, make "hops" on the number line to show what you are counting to. In this problem, we will make 10 "hops." Just like in the tally mark strategy, students are asked to show all their work.

3. Fill in the numbers on the number line that correspond with each "hop."


Sherrie Anderson said...

Mrs. Ross,

I love your open # line. I would like to learn how to use these kinds of examples as well. Maybe one day when things slow down, you could show me??

Sherrie Anderson

Mrs. Ross said...

Sure thing. Just let me know when. :)