Saturday, December 1, 2007

We're Clicking Away Thanks to EInstruction!

I was fortunate enough to have some amazing new equipment donated to our classroom thanks to the wonderful people at EInstruction! We now have both a teacher chalkboard and the response pad class set. I think the children are just as excited as I am to have these new tools in our classroom. (I was even offered several “good behavior” bribes from students if I would let them take the response pad clickers home with them.)

How does this new technology work?
The teacher Chalkboard is a wireless device that allows me to teach by manipulating my computer from anywhere in the classroom. Whether going through a PowerPoint or checking out a cool website online, I am not confined to sitting in front of my computer while I teach anymore.

The Response Clickers are the most amazing part. They allow students to be fully engaged in the material we are going over in class. Students each have their own response pad that corresponds with their student number. Questions are presented to students by using my laptop and projector. They then answer the questions by pressing the correct number or letter on the response pad and sending their answer to me. The program tells students the correct answer. We can stop and talk about it, or move on to the next question. I can see how many students answered the question correctly. The program will also allow me to profile responses from each student or by the entire class. I will be posting a video clip soon so you can see us in action.

The research on the clickers is amazing. Parents, we would love to have you in to demo our new toy for you. Check out a CPS demo online.

Teachers, interested in purchasing for your classroom? There is also a link for grants on the website.

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