Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Break Suggestions

Many of you have asked for suggestions of what to work on over the holiday break with your child. I have compiled a list of things to practice if you are interested. This is not a requirement, just extra practice for those requesting it. (I will be sending a hard copy of this information home as well as several practice sheets this week.) I will check my email frequently over the break if you are in need of assistance. We will see you back at school on January 2, 2008.

Happy Holidays! Love,
Mrs. Ross

Practice doubles facts and combinations of 10. Students should know these by memory at this point and should not be using their fingers to count.

Practice solving story problems.

Practice addition and subtraction strategies. (Students have been introduced to tally marks, open number line, and decomposing.)

Practice telling time on an analogue clock. Times that end in :45 to :00 tend to be tricky for students to read the correct hour on.

After Christmas, we will be working on solving problems with missing addends. (meaning 32+____=65 or ____-12=24) I have not introduced this to students yet, so please don’t be alarmed if they cannot solve problems like this yet. If your child has mastered all of the above practice, you may want to start working with them in this area.

The following are more games, as promised.

Leon’s Dojo! One of my favorites. Boys, you will really love this one! You get to karate kick your way to solving math problems.

Practice Math Facts – play level 2 or 3.

Math Mayhem addition and subtraction practice. A little more advanced – fast paced (and loud!) This game requires your child to be able to use the number pad on the keyboard rather quickly. If you are playing this with your child, you may want to let him or her answer aloud and you type in the answer to help beat the clock. :)

Story Problem Practice Can't get enough story problem practice!

Very basic practice on missing addends


Amaroq said...

Nice site you have set up, I hope the parents of your students have a chance to look at your page and feel that their child is in good hands. I am going to have to send this page on to my duaghter.

Mrs. Ross said...

Thank you so much :)

Ashley said...

Mrs. Ross you are the best! Your dedication to your students and parents is incredible. You constantly astound me with new resources and information. I feel so lucky to have you as a leader and colleague. Thank You!
Miss Russell :)

Andrea Dombrowski said...

Mrs. Ross,
Your blog is filled with many useful resources for your students and families. I will look at your site for inspiration for my own work.
Andrea Dombrowski

Mrs. Ross said...

Thank you. I am glad that so many people are finding this site useful. Happy holidays!