Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sunshine Math

Aren't Miss Patterson and Miss Hoffman the best!?!?

What is the purpose of Sunshine Math?
Sunshine Math is a program designed to help your child's journey through mathematics. This program will enable your child to become a more independent mathematics learner who is able to address many types of problems.  The program is designed to be a challenge.

Do I Have to Participate? 

Absolutely not. We would like students to work to "cheer on" their classmates if they choose not to participate in the program. It is a big commitment and the work will be challenging. It is normal for students to not be able to answer every question easily. They require critical thinking and problem solving skills. 

How Does Sunshine Math Work?
On Monday of each week, beginning on October 27, a new Sunshine Math sheet will come home with your child. He or she will then complete the problems independently, to the best of his or her ability outside of the classroom. The work will be turned in each Friday to your child's teacher. Students that participate in at least 80% of the program will be eligible for a special luncheon at the Pavilion with others in their grade level participating. At the end of the Sunshine Math program, a "Math Brawl" will take place among students at your child's grade level. The winner of the school Math Brawl will go on to represent Chets Creek at the district level. 

Good luck. We are cheering you on!


Mrs. Rachel Bridges said...

I love how your team works together to make Math so much more enjoyable for students!
You are inspirational :)

Suzanne said...

Ms. P and Ms. H are tooooo funny! I don't ever recall having teachers like these when I was in elementary school!

The Lipsky Team said...

My students are so excited about Sunshine Math (both participating and cheering!) They loved Miss Hoffmann and Mrs. Patterson's rap too!

Miss Lipsky