Thursday, November 6, 2008

Our Blogging Friends

We have several new friends joining our classrooms virtually this year. They are going through the teacher program in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Many of them have introduced themselves to us in comments on this blog and on some of our classroom blogs. One student, Matt, made a short clip for you to watch introducing himself to you. 

Students, do you have any questions or comments for any of our new friends in Canada?


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Matt,
We watched your video clip in class today and we loved it! Thank you for sharing a little bit about your home town!
Love, Mrs. Ross and Mrs. McLeod's class

Anonymous said...

Dear friends from Canada,

Do you speak any other languages other than English?

Is it really cold in Canada right now?

Does your country have a flag?

What type of currency do you use?

Thank you for answering our questions and helping us learn more about Canada!
Mrs. Ross and Mrs. McLeod's Class

The Lipsky Team said...

Wow, what a neat way to interact with students in another country! Keep up the great work 2nd grade! :)