Monday, January 7, 2008

Can you get to 100?

Welcome back! We are moving right along in our math curriculum. We began today with one of my favorite math games, "Get to 100." This game focuses on adding multiples of 5 and 10 and becoming familiar with the patterns and structure of the 100 chart.

How do I play?

Object: The object of this game is to reach exactly 100. No more, no less.

Materials: multiple of 5 number cube or cards, 100 chart, game piece for each player, paper and pencil to record


1. Each player puts a game piece to the left of the number 1.

2. Take turns. Roll the number cube or draw a number card and move that many spaces on the 100 chart.

3. Record your moves on the paper. (This will end up looking like a number string.)

4. Continue taking turns and recording your move.

5. You can only "win" if you land directly on the number 100.

6. Think you have reached 100? Check your moves by adding all the numbers on your paper. If the sum does not equal 100, move your game piece back to the total number and continue play.

7. Play again :)

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